01 November 2008

Music is Available!

I have long wanted to put a link in some of my posts so that you can listen to a related music after reading it. Yesterday Palas introduced a good website which makes you able to upload your music files and gives you a direct link. I was so exited that I put the music link for my three old posts! (and I also put a better link for another one.) These are the posts:

Leaving Las Vegas
Both Sides Now
A Little Bluer Than That
I Will Always Love You

It's also a week that I've put a poll in my sidebar. But it seems that nobody sees it. :(
It's about the three little frames in my sidebar. The frames are really interesting in my idea. Have a look at them and vote for the poll please!


شاید روزی راست بگویم said...

سلام ... اسم خداست

از اینکه دیر کردم عذر میخوام ... سیستم خونه سوخت !

اینجا رو مجبورم سیو کنم برم بخونم !

Joker said...

شرمنده جايي هستم كه مسنجر نداره يعني مسنجرش رو سانسور كردن. ميشه حدس زد نه؟
آره دانشگاهم.
فالوت كردم. ظاهراً اينجوري مطلب جديد بذاري به من خبر ميده.