07 May 2009

The Second Part

I have always had this assumption that I’m going to live for 75 years. I guess the idea came to my mind when a long time ago I read an article about life expediency. The article was actually a comparison between Iranians’ life expediency and some other countries’. The life expediency for Iranian men was estimated something around 70 years. I thought this means that when I’m old the life expediency would be around 75 years (because life expediency naturally increases and also because I don’t do lots of things that may decrease it; such as smoking). Then I divided my life to 3 equal parts, each having 25 years. I named the first part Fun, the second Work, and the last Rest. Yesterday I got 25. The question is: was it Fun?

03 May 2009

Teachers Day

When I was a little kid, I loved presents (actually I still do!). In 1992, when I was in the first grade in elementary school, I wanted to choose my future job! But I couldn’t make my mind. Then the Teachers Day came. I was sitting in the second bench next to the wall. The class was dim and was lit just by two florescent lamps, one over the students and the other over the teacher’s desk. The teacher was sitting behind her desk, on which there was lots of presents. There was a model bicycle, a little statue, a little table lamp (which was on the edge of the desk and I was worried it was going to fall) and lots of more gift wrapped boxes and books. Suddenly I knew it. I wanted to be a teacher!