29 October 2008

Love and God

* Both were discovered/invented (Select the word you prefer) by the people to deny their loneliness.

* Both put the people in two groups: Believers and unbelievers. Believers get their belief from their heart, unbelievers from their brain.

* Both have a wide range of definitions. As many as the number of people are the ways you can define them.

* Both are getting weaker as time goes by.


هفت منبر said...

از صدای سخن عشق ندیدم خوشتر یادگاری که در این گنبد دوار بماند. با کلمات بازی نکن داداش من . جواب سوالت رو می دونی . خوب هم می دونی . ولی سرت رو بردی زیر برف . خودت رو هم به خواب زدی . مشکل دو تا شد

Anonymous said...


Whoami said...

[A] Was tired, inwardly and outwardly. The vacant space inside were bothering him. He thought he needs to talk with somebody. Then he meet [B], a noble man…

A: I don’t want anything, even God!
B: You want it, but you don’t know it (that you love it!).
A: Loving God is a great wish, but I don’t love God, I can’t fool myself.
B: You think it is a wish? I agree you do not know God, neither do I, but you can love what God did for you.
A: What God has done for me?
B: God dreated the field for you to gain experiences, This world, other people, animals, books, painting.
A: He needs a co-worker! He has caught me in this crazy world for himself! Do you call it love of God?
B: I am not concerned with the name, but with my ability to love.
A: Ok, ability to love is great, so what?! Why we have to deal with this pain and problems?
B: We suffer when we look at ourselves alone not the whole picture.
A: But I need to learn how to look the whole picture. Do you love God? The picture of God near you as […] is very different from me.
B: Again, I do not mind the label but the love.
A: Love alone?
B: I think all pictures of God are wrong.
A: I remember some of the Paul Twitchell writing about love. He said love it is not enough to reach God. Love is ok! But how about the God?!
B: This is god’s business, I do not mind, because it is too fast for me to understand.
A: So what is our relationship with God? How we can invite him to our daily life? We should forget him and just try to work on Love?
B: I think this is a good approach, it worked for me. Mohamed said you should not make a picture of God and the followers understood a drawing, but he meant do not compare Allah with your limited understanding …

From that point A think the God and Love are somehow the same! Or at least to understand this thing called God, he needs to walk in the path of love.