27 May 2007

A Mosque or a Garrison?

As soon as you walk through the gate you see a big billboard which is trying to teach you that praying will save you from sins.

Then, there is another one preaching about the benefits of veil।

There is also a smaller one on your left on the lawn displaying Big Brother’s picture with the words which he used to name the year: National Unity, Islamic Solidarity।

If you want to enter the building you will notice two desks surrounded by “little brothers” and some posters which are reminding you that today is “Resistance Day” and that you should be proud of the matter that Khorramshahr became recaptured during the Iran-Iraq war in such a day।

Then, you enter the building; on your left you can see the biggest board inside the building which is owned by the “Islamic Culture Office”. Since this board is the biggest one and also it is located in one of the most viewed places of the university, it must contain very important notes. Let’s read some of them.

· There is a gathering for praying everyday at one p.m.
· Memorial ceremony for “Resistance Day” (time and place is written)
· “Encouraging corruption, and also sexual and material lives are the elements which if broadcasted by satellite television channels can have an determinant effect on changing Iranian regime” said Former Israeli Prime Minister addressing U.S. Congress.
· “People are constantly putting pressure (on the government) for more freedom. Kinds of music which previously were greatly objected are popular today. Women don’t pay much attention to veil and their coats and skirts are becoming shorter and shorter.” delightedly reported James Laden, the American National Radio’s reporter.
· Those who have gained fifty percent of Koran Competition please go to Islamic Culture Office and specify to score of which course they would prefer the office add their additional 2 marks. (These 2 marks will be added to the score of any general course they would like, even courses like Family Planning which have no relation to students’ knowledge about Koran.)
· O Fatima!

Because the work of Islamic Culture Office has great importance there is also another board belonging to it in front of you।

Just look at your right and you will see another board which is for Basij force।

As you are wondering whether you are in a mosque or a garrison you may notice a group of people gathering in one corner of the corridor। Understanding the reason you can’t believe your eyes; it is a veil exhibition!

There are different (!) kinds of veils, each one with an information board explaining the new techniques in their designing। One of them has a very interesting feature;

A tape which shines at night – So you can be seen at night.

There are also some interesting notes around this show. One is read:
“There is no benefit in killing Muslims in the war against Islam. Only by tainting them you can be successful in this matter. So instead of bombs we should attack them with short skirts,” says an anti-Islam French author.

Another one is about a competition managed by Islamic Culture Office which is going to reward the best SMS about veil।

As you can see there is no surprise when none of the students of English Translation Department in their junior years could answer the professor’s question “What is translation?” We don’t think about these trivial subjects in our university!


billow said...

There are too difference between islam and muslims. Islam resulst mosque , muslims result garrison and prison !

Anonymous said...

I say there is no difference between islam and muslim
because religions bring up the vulgar's mind and caused them to be culturalized

Morteza said...

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Morteza and Ali

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Maysam said...

Ya noor

Dear Translator,

Salaam. It was cool!
Nice Insight!
We have been familiarized with such scenes and often cannot recognize what is happening around us. Just a good insight can see beyond the habits.